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Former Child Actor has a nice blend of pop/rock. With the title track co-written with 80s legend Rick Springfield, a cover of the Dead Milkmen's "I'm Flying Away", a heavy alt version of "Jingle Bell Rock", and a cover of Lennon's "Imagine" that's only available on the first 2,000 copies. The song "Megalo Man" is a bash on an old friend turned arch enemy...Not to mention any names, we'll just call him king of pop:) This record is sure to prove Corey Feldman to be more than a talented actor.

About the Artist

Corey Feldman can be seen in several movies such as Goonies, Stand By Me, Lost Boys, License To Drive, The Burbs, Tales From The Crypt: Bordello Of Blood, and Gremlins just to name a few. Corey Feldman has had 2 previous cd releases, this is his first on Crazy Bastard Records.


Reminder: All Wonderful Corey Feldman Fans-

Buying from website is the cheapest way 2 obtain a personalized autograph from Corey than anywhere his autographs R sold. You save money, you get it signed directly from Corey, and you get it sent out to you by Corey!  Corey loves all his fans.  Corey appreciates all of your love & support. :-)

(Signed) Former Child Actor / SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT