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Former Child Actor has a nice blend of pop/rock. With the title track co-written with 80s legend Rick Springfield, a cover of the Dead Milkmen's "I'm Flying Away", a heavy alt version of "Jingle Bell Rock", and a cover of Lennon's "Imagine" that's only available on the first 2,000 copies. The song "Megalo Man" is a bash on an old friend turned arch enemy...Not to mention any names, we'll just call him king of pop:) This record is sure to prove Corey Feldman to be more than a talented actor. About the Artist Corey Feldman can be seen in several movies such as Goonies, Stand By Me, Lost Boys, License To Drive, The Burbs, Tales From The Crypt: Bordello Of Blood, and Gremlins just to name a few. Corey Feldman has had 2 previous cd releases, this is his first on Crazy Bastard Records.

Former Child Actor / SOLD OUT AND OUT OF PRINT